*These are just a few of my many Google sites that have resources for anyone to use.

Being Savvy Online: This is an extensive slide presentation that will help students become savvier online.

Classroom Site: This link will showcase the classes taught in middle school. Descriptions and examples are provided for clarity. The NETS standards are also given on this site.

Classroom Tools: This site has a basic introduction and links to various apps that are useful for educators and students. 

Cyber Wits: This is a Web Quest that will walk the students through a process that will inform them about online cultures. Some of the themes include cyberbullying, online safety, social networks, Sexting and Netiquette.

Emotional Intelligence: This unit will focus on lessons that will help students learn the importance of emotional intelligence. 

Endangered Posters: Students put together posters on endangered animals using Google Drawings.

Explore Unit: This is a unit I do with my students and they absolutely love this unit. They have to explore a variety of online tools and then commit to completing at least two of the projects.

Fake Country Site: This is an example of what students can do with Google Sites. This is a imaginary country called Guaca. You will definitely want to travel there if you visit this site.

Google in Education: This site is packed with videos and ideas to help you understand the value of Google in Education.

Google Templates: This site has a variety of Google templates ready to be copied and use for the classroom. 

Hypothetical Bakery: This site is an example of what students can create during the 8th-grade website unit.

iPads for Schools: This site is packed with a lot of great apps to use in the classroom.

Local Charities: Students will look at a variety of local charities and determine which one they would like to visually represent in a multi-media presentation in order to bring awareness to themselves and others. Hopefully, they will be inspired to volunteer.

Mountain TimeGrizzly Time is a class that has been set up for you to have a place to get to know your peers and your host teacher on a deeper level. Check out the new site.

Online Portfolio: This site has tutorials on how to make an online portfolio.

Opening Credits Unit: This is a unit I have thought about doing for quite some time. It took a conversation with my daughter to get me motivated. Students will create opening credits for a variety of TV movie genres.

Photoshop: This site has an extensive lesson on using Google Sites and Photoshop to display image editing manipulations that are completed using various tools in Photoshop.

Pixlr Workshop: This site has a variety of wonderful lessons on how to use the free online image editor for different effects and projects.

Portfolio: This is a site I set up using Google sites to demonstrate what I have done with my career. I am working on my new portfolio on the New Google Sites.

QR Codes in the Classroom: This unit has some fun and innovative ways to use QR Codes in the classroom.

8th Grade Projects: This unit will allow 8th graders to choose a project of their choice to add to their student portfolio.

Switch Zoo Workshop: This is a collaborative project that 6th and 7th-grade classes work on to add to a website about a creature created on Switch Zoo.