Welcome to Kidsnetsoft: This site is dedicated to advancing students in technology. Technology Integration is critical to 21st Century students.

This site has been set up to assist students with various web based projects. They will be able to get many downloads to complete tasks throughout this class.  Students will be able to use pictures taken from the instructor on various trips in the world. They won't have to worry about breaking any copyright laws using these images. They can access lessons and   view student work by visiting the student section of this website. Several websites are posted. They will strongly be encouraged to create a museum website, since it is ideal for learning so many different aspects of web design. The student websites are quite entertaining and pleasant to read. They demonstrate mastery and creativity. Most students choose to create fake websites when given the option. This was primarily influenced by a unit we do on Internet hoaxes. They spend some time looking at possible Internet and e-mail hoaxes in an effort to make them more Internet savvy. Links have been set up to provide easy access to online tutorials, educational activities and other helpful tools available online. A very important resource available to students and parents is the link to Internet safety. Internet safety should be a major part of the computer curriculum if we want to educate our students about the possible dangers of engaging in online contact with strangers. Students have been given contracts to have signed by their parents or guardians in order to educate everyone involved in computer activities in the home.

This computer class and curriculum is designed to keep kids safe while they learn how to be critical thinkers. They will not only learn various applications, but they will learn how to create aesthetically pleasing products. Having fun while they learn is also the goal of the teacher.

This site will continue to populate with resources that can benefit computer and academic teachers alike. It should also be a great resource for homeschoolers and parents.

Movies and More

Colorado Renaissance Festival: This link has a recent movie created using Microsoft Movie Maker about the Colorado Renaissance Festival. This movie may take awhile to load, so you might need to be patient. It is definitely worth the wait.

Global Warming: This link shows a movie created in Windows Movie Maker about global warming. It is part of a unit that involves various lessons about global warming. Part of the lesson involves creating a movie using Movie Maker.

Kitchen: This link shows an animation scene showing the creation of a kitchen in PowerPoint. It was created to a movie using a trial version of Camtasia.

Inspirational Resources : This link provides users a variety of inspirational resources, mostly multimedia presentations. Students can get ideas about putting together their own inspirational presentation.

Online Safety Unit: This is a wonderful unit that allows students to explore various online topics that can benefit them if they truly grasp and model what is provided in the unit. Students can make a multimedia presentation once they have completed several helpful steps.

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