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Classcraft Videos

Check out ideas we came up with to customize Classcraft for Computer Design. Check out customized activities for the game.

Classcraft Youtube Channel: This link will get you access to all the videos created by Classcraft.

Video 1: "Connecting Classcraft to Google is a snap! Sync accounts for quick sign-in, add files from Google Drive, and import students from your Google Classroom."

Video 2: "This video gives a brief introduction about how teachers can use classcraft and how it can change classrooms."

Video 3: "Learn some helpful steps to introduce your students to Classcraft and get your class up and running with the game."

Video 4: "This video explains how to use and learn new student powers in Classcraft."

Video 5: "This video explains how students can customize their avatars and train pets in Classcraft."

Video 6: "Classcarft is an educational role-playing game designed to transform any classroom into an adventure that plays out over the course of a school year."

Video 7: This video gives some depth on how to manage the Classcraft Account.

Video 8: "Let us walk you through a typical day in Classcraft! You'll learn how to use XP, HP, powers and other parts of the game to engage students."

Video 9: "This video explains how to start the class day with a random event and how to use the Wheel of Destiny to select random students or teams."

Video 10: "This video explains what happens when students lose all their HP (falling in battle) and how that affects their team."

Video 11: This video demonstrates how to handle player damage in Classcraft.

Video 12: This video provides an illustration of premium features of Classcraft.

Video 13: This video will help students choose their characters.

Video 14: Engage students using games with Classcraft

Video 15: Classcraft 2016 Overhaul

Video 16: Classcraft Games and Culture