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Education Quotes: This site has 980 education quotes. Some are really worth representing.

Education World: This has 180 wonderful quotes to read. 

Famous Quotes and Quotations: "A collection of famous motivational quotes organized by subject. Mainly positive, inspiring and humorous quotes suitable to use for speeches, web sites, cards, and celebrations. "

Happiness Quotes: This has a collection of quotes about happiness.

Quote Garden: This site is packed with thoughtful quotes about the environment.

Quotes by President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Get over 45 quotes by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi: Get over 90 quotes by Mahatma Gandhi.

Quotes by Martin Luther King Jr: Get over 100 quotes by Martin Luther King Jr.
Quotes by Mother Teresa: Get over 60 quotes by Mother Teresa.

Quotes by President Abraham Lincoln: Get over 130 quotes by President Abraham Lincoln.

Quotes by President John F. Kennedy: Get over 115 quotes by President John F. Kennedy.