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“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.” ~Heidi-Hayes Jacobs 

"The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'" ~Maria Montessori

Welcome to Kidsnetsoft by Chris Clementi, a former Computer Design teacher. The original site was established in 2001.  This site has evolved throughout the years to help educators, students and parents. It is primarily used to provide resources for students and teachers so they can learn about the use of technology in education. 

You can check out my Purchase page that has free and very affordable lessons that incorporate technology in the classroom. I also have a Lesson Spotlights page that will showcase lessons that will engage students. You can access lesson plans, videos, copyright friendly material and so much more by exploring this site. Kidsnetsoft is designed to keep kids safe while they learn how to be critical thinkers. 

They will not only learn various applications, but they will learn how to create aesthetically pleasing products. It should also be a great resource for students that are home schooled and parents.  

Elementary, middle and high school teachers can benefit from the resources on this site. Computer teachers can definitely benefit from the resources available on this site. This site includes many lessons on Google Apps in Education. I will continue to learn about all the fabulous tech tools that can make a teacher’s life easier while contributing to more engagement by students. 

This site will continue to have lessons added to keep up with changing technology. As a computer design teacher, I had to continually explore new tools to make sure I maximized student learning and experiences in my classroom. If a lesson was unsuccessful, I made modifications to make sure I eliminated confusion on the part of the student. 

I think it is important that teachers are facilitators of learning. As educators, we need to empower our students to be in charge of their learning. We can give them the tools, guide them in the right direction and support them when they run into issues that might be too difficult to solve. 

One of my favorite units is the coding unit. I have students who have been coding longer than I have and they know the applications I provide. With that said, I have students work independently and I see them excited when they solve problems on their own. Some students are more than thrilled when I ask them to support their classmates who might be struggling. These students tend to feel more empowered and excited about learning. 

A teacher needs to accept the fact that they don’t know everything and that their students are capable of solving problems if we give them the opportunity. It is ok not to be an expert on everything. "The use of education technology can allow learners to take a more active approach to learning, creating a learner-focused classroom." The Tech Edvocate

"The teacher must adopt the role of facilitator not content provider." ~Leb Vygotsky

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