About Kidnsetsoft

"Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transfromational."
~George Couros

Kidsnetsoft has been around since 2001. This site will continue to evolve as I learn more tech integration ideas to create lessons for educators so that they can maximize the learning experience of their students.

Since I became a Google Certified Innovator in 2009, I have been diving into the incredible opportunity to reach students using Google for Education. I have modified my lessons continuously to engage my students and give them the depth they need to navigate tech tools to improve their learning experience.

I have free lessons available on this site and I have some lessons that come at a very affordable rate. Those lessons can be used by the teacher for their classes. Most of those lessons include Google for Education Apps. I have found Google Slide Presentations to be the most powerful tool for students. The other tools are also fabulous, however, Google Slides are my favorite.

I am also huge into creating Google Sites. I have been creating websites since 2001. Google Sites has evolved and keeps evolving to be more user friendly and attractive. If you visit my Purchase page, you will find a variety of units including how to create clipart; how to create a Google site, visual literacy, digital footprints, a variety of Google Slide presentations that incorporate literacy and language arts topics, digital art projects and so much more. My lessons have been created for middle school students, however, many of these lessons can be used by upper elementary as well as high school classrooms.

Though I retired from teaching in 2022, I will continue to dive into tech integration lessons because I understand the power of a good lesson to engage students. I will keep up with new tools and better teaching practices. When Covid impacted the world, education had to take a serious transformation. Unfortunately, many educators were not equipped to handle tech integration while teaching online. I think it is imperative that teachers embrace more technology to improve learning. I don’t think it should replace other traditional means of teaching that has proven effective. However, if technology can be used to enhance the learning experience of our students, we need to be embracing that opportunity. I often share amazing resources with teachers and because they are so overwhelmed with their work load, they don’t investigate what I share. If they were to complete the lessons I create, they will gain more knowledge and expertise on how to make their lives easier rather than more difficult. I create my lessons in such a way that students can work independently. This independence can give teachers more opportunities to assist struggling students. I want to help teachers by reducing their work load while improving engagement in the classroom.