Learning Stations


Fun Brain: Get a variety of games for grades K-8

Learning Planet: Get a variety of games for grades K-8

Math Games: "These math games help kids learn essential math standards in a fun and engaging way."

Middle Vowel Sounds Games: "In this activity, kids can practice forming short, three-letter words with short middle sounds. Once they get 3 correct answers, they get to play a short game."

PBS Kids: Find a variety of games for primary aged students.

Primary Games: "Play free online games featuring the best action games, fun games, puzzle games, learning games and racing games from PrimaryGames!"

Puzzles: "Our jigsaw puzzles are simple, yet still provide enough of a challenge to help children build skills such as visual reasoning, spatial awareness, short term memory, and logic."

Tools and Virtual Manipulatives: "As more schools move to a 1:1 initiative with technology, it's important to give children virtual tools to help them better understand concepts."

Math Sites

A+ Math: This site has interactive math games.

Brain Bashers: Play some fun math games.

Cool Math: "Our brain-training site, for everyone, where logic & thinking meets fun & games."

Math Games: Find a variety of math games for grades K-8

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

Battle Buddies: "Answer reading and math questions to earn chances at defeating mighty beasts."

Beginning Sounds: Players drag the letter to the word that begins with that letter.

Beginning Sound Games: Choose from a variety of games to play to learn beginning sounds.

Ending Sound Games: Choose from a variety of games to play to learn ending sounds.

Fun Exercises for Compound Words: "Fun exercises for compound words can make learning about compound words enjoyable, and improve your students' vocabulary."

Word Gobble: "players practice sound discrimination by listening to the middle sound in a each word. The monster also gobbles up the correct word after it is clicked followed by many giggles"

Rhyme Time with Sesame Street: "Students love to control the train by choosing the correct tunnel in this interactive game. They also practice rhymes by matching the picture in the cloud to a rhyming picture above the tunnel. In between tunnels, they can control the speed of the train which is just a fun bonus"

Rhyme Time by Words and Pictures: "Students choose pairs of words that rhyme in this activity and then create a short phrase with the words. The words are spoken when you click on them, so the activity is suitable for children who can’t read yet."

Rhyme Zone: Put a word in a search and get a list of words that rhyme with that word.

Rhyme and Climb by Vocabulary Spelling City: "Children have to decide if pairs of words rhyme or not in this game. If they get correct answers, the character climbs a ladder. "

Partners in Rhyme: "A fun online game for kindergarteners to build their skills with rhyming words."

Segmenting Sounds Spelling: "Help your child learn to master segmenting with this adorable spelling game."

Story Book Builder by PBS Kids: "This game uses narrated rhyming verses, so kids don’t need to be able to read to play it. They also get to choose a Sesame Street character in the story and they can decide what the character gets up to."

Syllables: "In this silly syllables game, players listen to the word and move it to the box with the matching number of syllables."


Antonyms: "Understanding the meanings of words is an important developmental skill for young readers. Oftentimes, knowing the antonym of a word can help a reader better decode the meaning of other words in a sentence or paragraph."

Antonym Matching Game: "Click on the boxes to match the words that have opposite meanings."

Sight Words: "Free Sight Word Games for Kindergarten Online"

Word Games: " The free word games on this page will get your mental juices flowing as you embark on adventures or compete against kids from all over the world to achieve the day’s high score."

Word Search Creator: "This is a unique spin on the classic word search puzzle. It's a good idea for the teacher to set each game up as the user is prompted to decide how the game is played ."


DIY Activities by Age: This site has a variety of craft ideas for grades K-12

Reading Games: Choose from a variety of reading games by visiting this site.