Student Collaboration: Youtube Video

Youtube video on Google Drive Organization

This video demonstrates how to share a class slide with students so they can add their project to an assigned Google Slide. Many examples are provided to give you an idea how to set up projects allowing students to add their work to a shared Google Slide. Students tend to enjoy seeing what their peers are doing. They get ideas from their classmates. Once they add their project to their assigned Google slide, they are expected to provide feedback to at least 2 other classmates. I encourage them to use the Sandwich feedback. This Youtube video will give you some tips about this type of feedback. I always tell my students that their job is to help their peers do better. They might need to see examples of good feedback because middle school students tend to just type in great job! I tell them if that is all they are going to say, they need to give more details about what was good and why.

You can pick up my free resource on Teachers Pay Teachers. It has a wealth of tips that will help you navigate Google. As a Google Innovator, I have continued to dive deep into Google because I understand the power of this tool in Education. Topics in this fabulous free resource include the following: Tips on organization; How to create a Google Survey; How to access the results from a Google Survey; and How to add music and timings to a Google Slide. If you take the time to look at these free resources with easy to follow video instruction, you will have a better foundation with how to use Google tools with your students.

"We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve." ~Bill Gates