Lesson Spotlight: Game Review

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Game Review Lesson Google Slides Template

Do your students always want to play games? Is it sometimes a battle in class? I am in favor of educational games and allow my students to play if they are caught up and have a decent grade. With that said, I came up with a game review activity so students can get credit by adding thoughtful reviews about games.

This activity requires students to investigate some online games or other games so they are in a position to reflect on the games. If you want your students to take a break from computers, they can write on other games that you might play in class. I teach computer design, so students will often play educational games in my class if they are caught up. I figured, why not have them do writing on things they love.

I got some tips from Wiki How on how to write a game review. They discuss how the gaming industry has a net worth of billions of dollars. With that said, there are jobs in game review. If that is not the intention of students, this activity can encourage your students to write about things they enjoy.

Wiki How on game review criteria

  • What could be improved?

  • How does the game compare to similar games?

  • Have a 2-3 sentence introduction.

  • If there is sound, how is the quality?

  • How is the quality of the graphics?

  • What is your personal opinion of the game?

  • When done, read the review for errors.

I compiled a lot of Fun Game Sites my students will play when they are caught up in class. I do a coding unit where students have to evaluate Scratch games created by my students. Feel free to use this Google template and modify it for your students. If you plan on having them create Scratch games, this would be a wonderful start. They have to reflect what they like or don’t like about the games. They are then given the option to create their own games using Scratch.

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