Creating websites has been my passion for over 20 years. When I started teaching computer design in 2003, I had my students creating websites in Microsoft Word. Eventually, over time, Google Sites became incredibly user friendly with a variety of amazing features. I have a web design unit on Teachers Pay Teachers at a very low rate of $9.95. It has 11 short and very user friendly videos that will walk users through the steps of putting together a website on whatever topic they so choose. Copyright is emphasized throughout the entire unit so that users do not use resources they aren't allowed to use. If you want to hire me to create a basic website, email me at Stacie, with Jackpot Coffee purchased my unit so she can be self sufficient once the site is put together. I created the site and shared it with her. I then made her the owner of the site. She did give my editing privileges so I can support her if and when she has issues. When she is totally confident with her web design skills using Google, she can remove me as an editor. If you want to get started independently, you can pick up my unit and get started. Otherwise, you can hire me for a very affordable rate.

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