Typing: Check out some of these sites with free typing games

Required speeds for various jobs: Office and Clerical (at least 35-40 wpm); Administrative and Executive Assistants (at least 35-40 wpm); Legal Secretary (60+wpm); Computer Coders (60+wpm); Data Entry Clerk (75 wpm); Medical Transcriptionists (90+wpm); Stenographer (200 wpm) information source

Add Youtube songs to the playlist and the teacher can play this during typing practice. Keep music appropriate and not too crazy because the teacher doesn't want students dancing during typing practice.

Alphabetic Rain: This site has letters dropping down from the top of the page and you must type them in before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Free Typing Games: This site has some fun typing games to help improve your typing skills.

The Frogs are Off Their Diet: The frogs went off their diet! Frogs are eating all the letters. Help them stay on their diet by typing the letters before they get swallowed!

Keyboard Ninja: This is a fun site that requires you to type a letter, which results in a sword slashing the letters. If you miss, there is a funny sound.

Learn to Type: This site has different levels from the beginning level typer to the advanced typer.

Learn Touch Typing: This site allows you to start basic and build up to sentences. It will provide feedback about how fast you type and what accuracy you have. It is a fun way to practice typing.

Monkeytype: This site allows you to test your speed and accuracy.

Nitro Type: This is a fun typing game that will allow you to race with your peers.

Online Learning Tutorials: This site has some wonderful typing games to explore.

Outer Fleet Commander: "Your mission is to guide the alien fleet through the galaxy, typing letters before they stop you. Use your laser guide on multipliers!"

Power Typing: This game is fun. You can select music and type as words pop up on the screen.

Rate a Type: Take short typing tests to see how fast you can type.

Save the Sailboat Race: "Falling Letters are ruining the sailboat race. Help by typing the letters before they land on the boats. Lots of fun!"

Spacebar Invaders: This is a fun game that requires you to type in letters before the characters reach the bottom of the screen.

Test Your Typing: This site allows you to test your typing speed.

Timed Typing Test: "Get a precise words per minute assessment from our timed typing test! Choose 1-5 minutes for the length. Are you the fastest typest on the internet?"

Turtle Diary: This site has a variety of fun typing games.

Type Racer: "The award-winning online typing competition, TypeRacer, allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web."

Typing Lessons: This site allows you to practice typing and race against other players.

Typing on Ghosts: Type out the words that appear on the ghosts and watch them disappear.

Typing Speed Test: This is a fun site to learn how to type.

Typing Test: This is a fabulous site. You can put in the duration of the lesson and specify the level to see how fast you type.

Z Type: This site is a fun way to practice typing. Type the words as they come on the screen.

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