Screencastify Feedback

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Screencastify is an amazing tool that can help your students with developing stronger communication skills. This online application allows you to create, edit, and share videos in seconds. I rarely used Screencastify because I had Camtasia. Once Covid impacted our world, and educators had to communicate with their students differently with the hybrid model, Screencastify became an amazing go to for me. Occasionally I needed to create a video on the spot and it became the perfect option. I also started to use it to provide audio and visual feedback on digital projects. It was much quicker than typing up the feedback. Students could then use that video feedback to make the necessary modifications to their products. The Youtube video example on this page demonstrates how a video was created to point out errors on a website unit. This feedback is intended to assist the students in creating a more attractive final product.

Considering not everyone wants to invest in video editing software, Screencastify is an amazing option to use to share projects, make how to videos, point out mistakes on a digital product, etc. Once I started playing around with Screencastify, I came up with a variety of amazing units. I created a lesson using Google slides. Each slide had several errors, including factual, design, and spelling and grammar errors. Students were given a prompt stating how many mistakes were on each slide. They had to fill out a plan pointing out the errors. Once the plan was completed, they were to record the mistakes, using the drawing tools of Screencastify to clearly point out where the mistakes were on the slide. This is an empowering way to give students voice, improve their digital and literacy skills and increase confidence. You can read more about the unit by clicking on this link.

Recording Mistakes using Screencastify
Preview Helping Clients

Another engaging and relevant unit required students to visit a variety of websites and explore them. They were expected to spend several minutes to understand how to navigate the sites. Once they were done exploring and reflecting, they were expected to make a how to video using Screencastify on how to use the sites. Check out the slide example to get an idea how the lesson was set up. Get the unit!

Many of my students used Screencastify to record their Minecraft projects: Minecraft Home by Reagan, Linerider projects: Linerider 1 by Morgan; Linerider 2 by Anna. Prior to using Screencastify, I had a student set up a tripod at her computer and filmed her working on her project for the class period. We then used that video to make a speedart video. If I would have used Screencastify, she could have downloaded the video recording as an .mp4 and then used the software to speed up the video to make a time lapse video. Check out Moira's speed art.