7th Grade E-Learning

Daily Directions: You need to visit the daily directions every day to understand the expectation of the class

Student Projects: This has all the student projects and resources for the portfolio unit.

Computer Design Activities: This is an assignment you can work on over time. Eventually, I will be grading you based on the quality and time invested in this unit. It is meant to be creative and fun. You don't want to procrastinate on this unit because it will be tough to do all at once at the end of the quarter. This can be something you work on when you are caught up on other classes and want to put together fun digital projects. The goal is to have fun, do things that you are passionate about and explore new tools.

E:mail me: Use this video so you understand how to communicate with me. I will reply as soon as possible. While waiting for my reply, you can work on other classes. My email: christina.clementi@asd20.org

Using Schoology: This video will show you how to get to projects in Schoology and it encourages you to open projects in a new window so you can use Google tools like voice typing.

Grade or Regrade Me: If I am not keeping up on your grades or you need to be regraded on an assignment, fill out the survey. I will try and get to this in a timely manner. You can always email me with concerns. My email: christina.clementi@asd20.org