Student Games

The following games were created by students using Scratch

Adventures of Sleuth!: Use A and D to move side to side, use space bar to jump AND use the portal. By Connor

Alien Light Collector: Collect all the light you can in 30 seconds! The light with a white outline gets you 1 point, the light with a yellow outline gets you 3 points. Black holes make you lose 3 points. By Kayleigh

Bananas Big Race: Help Banana Beat Dr. Donut. Use the Right Arrow to Go forward. Use the Left Arrow to turn. To move forward press and Hold the Right arrow, then Press The Left arrow and continue Holding the Right Arrow. To Score a Point, Touch the Yellow and Blue lines before Dr. Donut. Have fun playing! By Kira

Bat Food: Use the arrow keys to move the bat left to right. Try to collect the red apples but not the green. If you do collect the green apple than you loose points. By Ben

The Bear Game: If You are the bear with a scarf use the keys (w a s d). If you are the other bear use the arrow keys. Scarf bear only eats meat. If you eat a fruit then you lose points vice versa for the other bear. If either bear runs into a ghost then you lose 10 points! By C.J.

The Bird be Needen Berries: Use the arrow keys to move the bird and catch the berries. All berries are worth one point, except the red ones which are minus one point. Good luck. By Asher

The Butterfly Game: To play you begin my clicking on the green flag. Use the up, down, left, and right keys to move the butterfly in those directions. The objective is to earn as many points as possible in twenty five seconds. You can earn ten points by touching the green dot. You can earn five points by touching the yellow dot, and you lose ten points by touching the red dot. By Taylor C

Catch the Food: To play my game you are trying to get as many points as you can in under 25 seconds. The apple is worth 2 points, the bananas are worth 1 point, and the doughnut is worth 1 point. The goal is to avoid the bat because it makes you lose 1 point. In this game you are the bowl and you can move up, down, right or left using the arrow keys. Have fun playing! By Bethanee

Catching Animals: You have 30 seconds to get as many points as possible. Squirrels and Mice are worth 1 point each whilst crabs get rid of one point. By Cody

Donut Cats: Use the arrow keys to move the cat around the screen. Catch the donuts and muffins to gain point. If you touch the bats, you will loose 1 point. GOOD LUCK!! By Christina

Dinosaur Game: Play as the dinosaur and eat all the food you can eat! But watch out because you only have 20 seconds and the green duck will make you lose 2 points! Try to get the most points before time runs out! Use the arrow keys to move the dinosaur! By Kevin

Don't Die: Don't get hit by the car or you will loose 15 points. But try to collect every thing else under 150 seconds. By Nina

Fox Diet: You have 30 seconds to get as many points as possible. The arrow keys move the fox up, down, left, and right. Apples are worth 1 point, bananas 2 points, and the beetles remove 3 points. The bat is worth 6 points and will only appear once. By Gabriela

Get the Coin: Move the arrow keys to get the red dots. Each dot is worth a random amount of coins. Try to beat the high score. There are yellow bugs that if you touch them your score will reset to 0! Each difficulty comes with different colors and more bugs. Click the music icon to mute or unmute the music !!!WARNING!!! if you mute for too long, the music will end until you click the green flag again. By John

Get the Taco: You have 30 seconds to use arrow keys to move the Unicorn. When you hit the small Taco you get 1 points and when you hit the big Taco you get 2. When you hit the Dragon it duplicates and you lose 1 point.

Hit the Bat: Use the w,a,s,d to keys move but not in the beginning. There is a long introduction to the game. Use the arrow keys for scope and space to shoot. Enjoy. By Quinn

Hunting Season: Use the arrow keys to move and get the smiling ducks. Also avoid the other ducks. The smiling ducks give 2 point but the other ducks give -6 points. Your objective is to get as many points as you can. By Alhassan

Mr. Bear's Adventure: You will have 30 seconds to earn as many points as possible. Green balls are worth 3 points, yellow balls are worth 1. If you hit a red ball, you will lose 6 points. Every time you touch the red ball, it'll get bigger and bigger each time it appears. Use arrow keys for up, down, left, and right. Have fun :) By Rachel

Penguin in the City: This game is about a penguin in the city collecting check marks. You have 30 seconds to land on a check mark (stay on it for a second). Get as many check marks as possible to earn 5 points for each one. If you land on an X, 5 points will be decreased from your score. Use the up, down, left and right arrows to move the penguin and land on a check mark to get points! By Soumya

Pewdiepie vs T-Series: Use the WASD to move. Get the subscribe button to raise that sub gap! Defeat T-Series and claim #1 Title for YouTube!

Ping Pong: To play this game, you must hit the ball with the paddle. If it it hits the wall, you go back to zero. Get as many points as you can. by Eduardo

Pirates' Treasure 2: Get over 100 gold points. Use the arrow keys to move. Purchase more time and power ups with money. Don't touch the red pirates or you will lose the money. Click on the store when you have more than 30 coins. The prices of items is under the item you want to buy. By Matt

Smolder-en: Finally My Masterpiece is finished! Use WASD to move, and left click to shoot the microstroids careful not to get hit though! by Ethan

Space Fighters...Maybe: try to get the highest score in the given time, red it one, small white is three, and the UFO (the bigger white ball with flashing lights), thanks for playing. by Kayden

Space Invaders: Use left arrow to go left and right arrow to go right. Use up arrow to shoot and press the start button with your mouse. Objects will multiply and move faster as you get better at the game.

The Lost: Use the arrow keys to move. Left to move left, right to move right, up arrow to move up. Space bar to read the story. The M key will mute the music. Don't make the screen big. If you can't do a level, drag the player on the other side.

Wow: Collect as many items as possible while dodging people with the arrow keys. By Gabe

Underwater Venture: You're on a secret underwater adventure, stealing the sacred gems guarded by the crab and starfish. But don't be fooled! Touch them and they will get bigger. Use the arrow keys to move your diver and collect the precious jewels. The crab takes away 2 points and the starfish takes away 3. You have 45 seconds. Good luck and don't get caught! Happy diving! By Adianna

Unhealthy Bear: Use the arrow keys to get as many points as you can in 30 seconds. The cheese puffs are worth 10 points and the donuts are worth 5 points. But be careful, the bananas take away 15 points.