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Troubleshooting Issues and Resources

G-mail: I shared this video with my students so they know how to email me. Time 3:06

Google Apps: This video will show how you can provide feedback to students when assigning lessons from Google Drive. Time 2:52

Grading in Google Drive: If you have assigned Google Applications in Schoology and students have opened the assignment and later they want to be graded and you can't get to their work because Schoology is down, this video will help you understand how to solve this problem. Time 1:50

Sharing Google Apps: If you want to share your Google Apps directly with students through email or posting them on a website, this video will help you achieve that goal. Time: 1:38

Students using Google Templates: This video shows students how to use a Google Template and share it with their teacher. This is a good video to share with their students. Time: 2:20