Advanced 7th Grade

Welcome to the Advanced 7th grade computer classroom. In addition to practicing typing, students do the following activities: Get typing games for extra practice. Get to E-learning

*Working on Projects at Home: This video demonstrates how to work on projects at home by uploading your project to Google Drive and then downloading it to work on your home computer.

Being Safe: This site has curriculum for grades 6-8 on how to be safe online and how to deal with bullying. How can safety lead to a better quality of life?

File Management: Students will do a variety of activities to help them be better managers of folders. Organization is critical for this classroom, so a foundation needs to be established to make life much easier. NETS: Technology Operations and Concepts (6a) IB Inquiry Question: Why is organization important? Could lack of organization impact your job security? ATL: Self Management

*Explore Activity: Students look at a variety of instructional videos on morphing software, image editing software, Google Sketchup, and a popular site called Linerider in order to determine which applications they will want to explore further in depth. They must choose one or more of the videos to complete so they end up with a final product. This lesson is intended to expose them to different applications so they can hopefully develop an interest for future projects. NETS: Creativity and Innovation (1a,1b), Technology Operations and Concepts (6a-6d) IB Inquiry Question: What inspires you? Why create? ATL: Thinking

*Google CS First: This site has resources necessary to get you started on coding various thematic projects. How can coding help you be a better learner?

*Clipart Creations: Students learn how to make their own clipart using a variety of tools available in Microsoft Applications. This activity will prepare them for the animation project they will be creating using Microsoft PowerPoint. NETS: Creativity and Innovation (1a,1b) IB Inquiry Question: How can drawing clipart help you in life? ATL: Thinking

*PowerPoint Animations: Students create an elaborate animation that involves either a kitchen or scene of choice. They will become proficient with various tools in Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation will have over 100 slides with sound effects. Check out the teacher's example. You can also view one of the many incredible ones completed by some very talented students: Student 1; Student 2. NETS: Creativity and Innovation (1a,1b) IB Inquiry Question: How can a program I'm familiar with do even more for me? ATL: Thinking

Animation Resources: This link will provide how to videos on PowerPoint. This is a great resource for students that want to go above and beyond on the PowerPoint Animation unit.

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